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About the Team

We are a team of founders that have a vast amount of Hard Roleplay experience (all together 6000+ hrs) and are big fans of the phenomenon. We have a passion for quality roleplay and we know what tools you need to be able to enjoy and provide quality roleplay for the community. We’ve managed to experience gameplay on all major US Servers like NoPixel, Subversion RP, Legacy RP, BackStory, Highlife and many others and we feel that there is room for something even better a closer to real-life experience and closer to a level of Hard RP. Having that experience and being a part of those communities made us aware of the needs and the requests of the community and our goal is to listen closely to the voice of the Community and we plan to have as much as possible weekly community meetings and look closely to the suggestion section in our discord!



Founder & Owner

I bring to the table thousands of hours of playtime on HardRP servers and on major US servers with good quality of roleplay and also Admin/Moderator experience for more than six months on a hard RP server. I will be the one in charge of communicating with you “Our Community” and making sure you are deeply satisfied with our service. I am also in charge of the finances because everything in this life has a price and in order to enjoy quality services and to provide the best experience for you, finances are important.


Founder & Owner

main developer of our project. Having years of experience in developing scripts and implementing them on other FIVEM servers he is the key of having everything you wanted from a FIVEM server and beyond that. He also has many hours of Hard RP gameplay and Administrator experience. He is the kind of guy that is not easily pleased and he does not stop until himself believes everything is perfect and working as intended.



is also a part of the Founders, he is coming to the table as well with thousands of hours of Hard RP experience and has been Head Administrator for another server for a long time. He will also be in charge of graphics and he is our head web developer.